EDUR 8132
Educational Statistics 2

Fall 2013

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Course Index (e.g., tests, activities, reading and other material to review for each class session)

  1. Syllabus
  2. Creating PDF Files
  3. Course Reading Assignments
  4. Course Calendar
  5. Reporting statistical results in APA style:
  1. Regression
  1. ANOVA
  1. Other Statistics


  1. Test 1: Covers Introductory Material, Notes 8a, Model Fit, Notes 8b, Notes 8c. Test 1 may be posted by 9/17 or 9/24 
  2. Test 2: Covers material above and Notes 8d, 8e, 8f, 8g, possibly 8h. Test 2 may be posted by 10/22
  3. Test 3: Covers all material above and ANOVA/ANCOVA (Notes 9, 9b, 9c, 9d). Test 2 may be posted by 12/3 
  4. Notes and Videos
  1. Review
  2. Simple Regression with One Quantitative Predictor
  3. Multiple Regression with Multiple Quantitative Predictors
  4. Semi-partial Correlation (ΔR2)
    • Summary notes for chat: Notes 8c Regression Semi-partial Correlation 
    • Detailed notes: Read Notes 8b page 5 section entitled "ΔR2, Semi-partial Correlation, and the Partial F Test of ΔR2"
    • Video: ΔR2 Discussed and Illustrated in SPSS ΔR2 Notes used in video; Test Score Data (in SPSS format) used in video
      • (Note: SPSS syntax offers easy way to obtain several ΔR2 values and F ratios simultaneously: change Method=enter x1 x2 x3 x4 to Method=test (x1) (x2 x3) (x4). For Video data above, this command change produces summary output: "/METHOD=ENTER Study_Time IQ Griffin Moore" to this "/METHOD=TEST (Study_Time) (IQ) (Griffin Moore)" Add video segment to video above demonstrating this.
    • Table of Critical F-ratios: Critical F at .05 and .01
  5. Regression with One Qualitative Predictor
  6. Regression with Multiple Qualitative and Quantitative Predictors
  7. Effect sizes in regression (to be added)
  8. Sample size for regression (to be added)
  9. Standardized Regression Equation
  10. One-way ANOVA Models (Note to instructor -- briefly discuss finding and using critical F values)
  11. Multi-way ANOVA Models
  12. Possible Additional Content
    1. Effect sizes in ANOVA
    2. Sample size for ANOVA
    3. Interactions in Regression
    4. Polynomial Regression
    5. Model fitting and assessment
    6. Common Research Designs and Related Statistical Analysis (e.g. Post-test only control, Pretest-posttest control, Non-equivalent control group, etc.)
    7. Logistic regression or Factor Analysis
  1. SPSS Tutorials (obtained from various on-line sources: a target="_blank" href=""> Dr. McKnight at U. Oklahoma,  Dr. Elvers at U. of Dayton, Guang-Hwa Change at Youngstown State U.)
  1. Entering data into SPSS (variable labels, value labels, setting variable as numeric, etc.)
            Data Entry A, Data Entry B,,
  2. Frequencies/Explore Commands (including descriptive statistics, box plots, histograms, stem-and-leaf, etc.)
            Frequencies A, Frequencies B, Stem and Leaf, Various Graphical Displays
  3. t-tests (one sample, independent sample, and correlated samples)
  4. Correlation 
            Correlation A, Correlation B, For scatter plots see Various Graphical Displays above
  5. Regression 
            Regression A, Regression B
  6. ANOVA
            ANOVA A (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA B (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA C (using UNIVARIATE command)
            ANCOVA A
  1. Instructional statistical videos can be found here:

Course Reading Assignments

Topic Readings
1. Hypothesis Testing Logic Chapters 5, 6
2. Regression Chapter 9
3. Multiple Regression Chapters 10, 11
4. ANOVA Chapter 12
5. ANCOVA/Regression Chapter 13
6. Modeling building in Regression/ANOVA Chapter 14
7. Logistic Regression Chapter 16

Course Calendar (will be revised throughout term)

Session 1 (8/20): 5pm to 7:45pm  (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered through correlation review; begin hypothesis testing Session 2)

  1. Syllabus 
  2. Introductory Notes (variables, IV vs. DV., modeling behavior, central tendency, variability, correlation, t-test, SPSS, hypothesis testing logic)

Session 2 (8/27) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered through student ratings example; resume at Additional Examples for Interpretation p. 7)

  1. Complete Introductory Notes
  2. Simple Linear Regression with One Quantitative Predictor): Summary Notes 8a

Session 3 (9/3) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered through notes 8a.)

  1. Resume Simple Linear Regression: Summary Notes 8a
  2. Model Fit
  3. Review Detailed Notes 8a

Session 4 (9/10) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered summary notes 8b but did not illustrate APA presentation of final example)

  1. Continue with above
  2. Multiple Regression (two or more quantitative predictors): Summary Notes 8b

Session 5 (9/17)

  1. Continue with Summary Notes 8b
  2.  Model Fit
  3. Detailed Notes 8b and Summary Notes 8c: Semi-partial Correlation (ΔR2)

Test 1 posted after Multiple Regression and Model Fit covered, approximately 9/17 or 9/24 

Session 6 (9/24)

  1. Continue with Model Fit and Notes 8c
  2. Summary Notes 8d Regression with One Qualitative Predictor

Session 7 (10/1) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered 8d One Qualitative Predictor)

  1. Resume Notes 8d 
  2. Begin Notes 8e Regression Multiple Comparisons
  3. Possibly begin Notes 8f Regression with Two Qualitative Predictors

Session 8 (10/8) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 completed one qual. predictor, briefly discussed interpretation with two qual IVs, began multiple comparisons)

  1. Notes 8e Regression Multiple Comparisons
  2.  Notes 8f Regression with Two Qualitative Predictors

Session 9 (10/15) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered notes on multiple comparisons)

  1.  Notes 8e Regression Multiple Comparisons (if needed)
  2.  Notes 8f Regression with Two Qualitative Predictors
  3. Notes 8g Regression with Both Qualitative and Quantitative Predictors 

Session 10 (10/22) (Instructor's Note: Fall 2010 covered notes on multiple comparisons and two qual IVs.)

  1. Resume where needed
  2. Notes 8h: Standardized Regression Equation (or this may be saved for end of course--will decide once we reach this point in semester)

Test 2 posted once regression completed, approximately 10/22

Session 11 (10/29)

  1.  ANOVA: Notes 9 and 9b.

Session 12 (11/5)

  1. ANOVA: Notes 9 and 9b
  2. Notes 9c

Session 13 (11/12)

  1. Notes 9c
  2. Notes 9d: ANCOVA

Session 14 (11/19)

  1. Notes 9d
  2. Standardized regression coefficients

No Class 11/26 Thanksgiving

Session 15 (12/3)

As needed

Test 3 posted sometime around 12/3

 Test 3 due 12/10


NOTE -- Ignore Material below this point

Course Assessment Questionnaire

General Readings on ANOVA:



Instructor's Note: add links to on-line statistical programs, e.g.

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