EDUR 8131
Educational Statistics 1

Fall 2019

Instructor: Bryan W. Griffin (
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JASP video instructions added, see below in Course Index item 14

JASP - how to obtain frequencies for numbers with decimals  (added 12 Sept 2019)

Course Index (e.g., tests, activities, reading and other material to review for each class session)

  1. Syllabus
  2. Course Calendar - see below.
  3. Readings are found in Course Calendar.
  4. Creating PDF Files
  5. Reporting statistical results in APA style (Word Documents so you can copy and paste tables)
  6. Sample Test 1 (material through one-sample t-test; note, however, for this semester Test 1 does not cover one-sample t-test, that is found on Test 2)
  7. Sample Test 2 (shows examples of data analysis section of Test 2 with t-tests, correlation, and chi-square; Sample Test 2 Answers)
  8. Test 1: Covers content found in
  9. Test 2: Covers content found in
  10. Test 3: Covers all content found in
  11. Exercises
  12. Table of Statistical Procedures and Their Characteristics: PDF Table
  13. SPSS Tutorials (obtained from various on-line sources: Dr. McKnight at U. Oklahoma,  Dr. Elvers at U. of Dayton, Guang-Hwa Change at Youngstown State U.)
    1. Entering data into SPSS (variable labels, value labels, setting variable as numeric, etc.)
              Data Entry A, Data Entry B
    2. Frequencies/Explore Commands (including descriptive statistics, box plots, histograms, stem-and-leaf, etc.)
              Frequencies A, Frequencies B, Stem and Leaf, Various Graphical Displays
    3. t-tests (one sample, independent sample, and correlated samples)
              t-tests, independent samples t-tests
    4. Correlation 
              Correlation A, Correlation B, For scatter plots see Various Graphical Displays above
    5. Chi Square
              Goodness of Fit  and Test of Association; other examples:  Goodness of Fit A, Goodness of Fit B (note this is a Word document),  Test of Association
    6. Regression 
              Regression A, Regression B
    7. ANOVA
              ANOVA A (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA B (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA C (using UNIVARIATE command)
    8. ANCOVA
              ANCOVA A
  14. JASP (free alternative to SPSS)
  15. On-line Statistical Resources
  16. Links to on-line statistical calculators: 

Course Calendar and Content

Week 1 (8/19)

Week 2 (8/26)

Week 3 (9/2)

Week 4 (9/9)

Week 5 (9/16)

Test 1 covers Notes 1 through 4

Week 6 (9/23)

Week 7 (9/30)

Week 8 (10/7)

Test 2 cover Notes 1 to Notes 7b

Week 9 (10/14)

Week 10 (10/21)

Week 11 (10/28)

Week 12 (11/4)

Week 13 (11/11)

Week 14 (11/18)

Thanksgiving 25-29

Week 15 (12/2)

Test 3 covers all material