EDUR 8131
Educational Statistics 1

Summer 2019

Instructor: Bryan W. Griffin (
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Course Index (e.g., tests, activities, reading and other material to review for each class session)

  1. Syllabus
  2. Course Calendar - see below.
  3. Readings are found in Course Calendar.
  4. Creating PDF Files
  5. Reporting statistical results in APA style (Word Documents)
  6. Sample Test 1 (material through one-sample t-test; note, however, for this semester Test 1 does not cover one-sample t-test, that is found on Test 2)
  7. Sample Test 2 (shows examples of data analysis section of Test 2 with t-tests, correlation, and chi-square; Sample Test 2 Answers)
  8. Test 1: Covers content found in
  9. Test 2: Covers content found in
  10. Test 3: Covers all content found in
  11. Exercises
  12. Types of Statistical Procedures and Their Characteristics: PDF Table and written Step-by-step Procedure 
  13. SPSS Tutorials (obtained from various on-line sources: Dr. McKnight at U. Oklahoma,  Dr. Elvers at U. of Dayton, Guang-Hwa Change at Youngstown State U.)
    1. Entering data into SPSS (variable labels, value labels, setting variable as numeric, etc.)
              Data Entry A, Data Entry B
    2. Frequencies/Explore Commands (including descriptive statistics, box plots, histograms, stem-and-leaf, etc.)
              Frequencies A, Frequencies B, Stem and Leaf, Various Graphical Displays
    3. t-tests (one sample, independent sample, and correlated samples)
              t-tests, independent samples t-tests
    4. Correlation 
              Correlation A, Correlation B, For scatter plots see Various Graphical Displays above
    5. Chi Square
              Goodness of Fit  and Test of Association; other examples:  Goodness of Fit A, Goodness of Fit B (note this is a Word document),  Test of Association
    6. Regression 
              Regression A, Regression B
    7. ANOVA
              ANOVA A (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA B (using ONEWAY command), ANOVA C (using UNIVARIATE command)
    8. ANCOVA
              ANCOVA A
  14. On-line Statistical Resources
  15. Links to on-line statistical calculators: 

Course Calendar and Content

Week 1 (5/20)

Week 2 (5/27)

Test 1 covers Notes 1 through 4

Week 3 (6/3)

Test 2 cover Notes 1 to Notes 7b

Week 4 (6/10)

Week 5 (6/17)

Test 3 covers all material