EDUR 9131
Advanced Educational Research

Activity 4: Open-ended Coding

Instructions: The purpose of this exercise is help you develop proficiency with open-ended response coding. Data for this exercise are provided in the link below. Note that there are three questions and responses from 10 students.


Do the following: 

  1. develop logical categories for the responses to each of the three open-ended questions, and create a code sheet for these categories,
  2. code each set of responses according to these categories,
  3. create a table of results for the open-ended questions (will require three separate tables, one for each question; examples of tables can be seen in the article by Moore and Griffin, 2006, linked below),
  4. write a brief description of your findings (you should include a few quotations to highlight important or typical responses to the open-ended questions).

When submitting work for this assignment, include the following:

  1. Blank code sheet developed
  2. Tables of results for the three survey questions
  3. Brief description of findings (interpretation of tables created)

Place each of these three items in one PDF file, and submit this file in WebCT.

Below are links that will prove useful to you for completion of this task. The first is a link to a questionnaire, the second a link to a code sheet used to evaluate responses to the questionnaire, and last two are sample responses and their respective codes. 

Example illustrations of data presentation in tabular form can be found in Tables 1 and 2 of the following study:

Moore, M., & Griffin, B.W. (2006). Identification of factors that influence authorship name placement and decisions to collaborate in peer-reviewed, education-related publications. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 32, 125-135.

Copyright © 2005, Bryan W. Griffin

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